Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Boxing Champ, Manny Pacquiao has finally named his much awaited November 2010 fight. Mexican Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to cross path on November 13, 2010 ending the rumors that the latter will be clashing against the proud U.S. boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather. Months ago speculations are spreading that Manny will be facing Mayweather this year for an ultimate title battle but both parties failed to reach each other's terms. Late last year Manny was bombarded with speculation that he is taking drugs to keep his fighting skills and endurance up. Immediately, he faced the public to free himself from the accusation.

Manny Pacquiao will fight Antonio Margarito for a vacant super welterweight championship, either in Las Vegas if Margarito can get licensed or in Monterrey, Mexico, if he can’t, promoter Bob Arum said. 

Arum said he decided to choose Margarito instead of Miguel Cotto, whom Pacquiao stopped in the 12th round in November, because it would be perceived as a more competitive bout. The bout will be offered on HBO Pay-Per-View.

According to boxing analysts, Margarito is a sure tough contender for Pacquiao as seen on his previous fights against boxing greats such as Mosley  and Cotto.
Watch the video to see Margarito's possible takes to his match against the Philippines pride Manny Pacquiao:

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